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Danger Ahead


BOOM Renegade Princess Shadows – Danger

Aranel Ah’s newest Kozmetika makeup release is chock full of vibrant, sassy, eye-popping colors. This red-hot red totally grabbed me and I knew I had to have these shadows!

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Rosie Loli o.O

Pretty cute, right? And also I kinda look like this.

So, I learned of this blogger challenge from Sasy’s post, and I thought I’d give it a whirl! Sileny Noel came up with this fun Subculture Challenge.

My spin revealed that I could chose Raver or Lolita. I chose Lolita and thus began my adventure!

I researched Lolita Fashion like crazy… and let me tell you, Lolita is the devil. Just sayin. I was confused and couldn’t decide what to go with… Classic Lolita, Goth Lolita, Sweet Lolita?? And to make matters worse, I had some “helpful” friends who were like ‘what about Himegayru?’ Himegawhat??

But deciding which I wanted to do turned out to be easy-peasy… it was finding the right quality, color, and textures that was really the hard part.

Though this is not my style exactly, I put it together with things I would use if it were. The focus of the look was the dress/onepiece. There is remarkably alot of choices but finding one that I could call my own was a hunt. I chose this dress from Violent Seduction because of it’s cupcake shaped skirt and details. I also picked up a gorgeously outrageous hair there as well and found this creator to have some beautifully-made items. This is a very sexy dress as it’s sold in a pack called Silent Night. I girlied it down with the pintuck top from Feather. And I made it more flouncy with the skirt part of Armidi Gisaci’s Little Mary dress.

All about cute, this sweet/hime Lolita style really pushed me to go all gaga with the frills and the lace and bows. I accessorized with even more lace, ruffles, bows, and sweet. And look, not even a hair out of place!

Curio Petal Light Pout pure 1

Chelle (blush) Everyday Blush 2

Redgrave Eyes raindrop

Cake bedroom lashes

Junwave Natsumi gold

Mandala Takara Nail metal/white

CKD Chantilly Lace Gloves II white

Violent Seduction Silent Night (skirt & jacket layer)

Armidi Gisaci Little Mary snow (skirt layer under)

Feather Pintuck blouse white

G Field Ruffle Socks aqua + Wedge Platform shoes “Dorothy” white

poses by Couverture and Lo*momo