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Danger Ahead


BOOM Renegade Princess Shadows – Danger

Aranel Ah’s newest Kozmetika makeup release is chock full of vibrant, sassy, eye-popping colors. This red-hot red totally grabbed me and I knew I had to have these shadows!

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52 WoC: Plum, Sepia, Yellow

Back to weeks 4, 5, and 6 of the challenge with my photos and details below. I will catch up one day! Find out more about the challenge Here.


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52 WoC: Grey, Blue, Goldenrod

Finally some time to catch up! I jumped on in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color challenge in week 16 and have been keeping up, however, it’s time to wander back to weeks 1 -3 with this post and start to make up the colors I missed!


Curio Pout Moonbeam dark Tantrum 1

Maitreya Natalie – Gold Blond

Boom Liquid Glaze (lashed) black

Detour Omega Eyes – blue

Mstyle Perfect Hand short nails

Friday Tourist Jacket – gray

Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank – gray & Journey Tweed Slacks in gray

Shiny Things Flare Oxfords black

Miel Echo Necklace (FLF)


Cara Bella Arianna Ninfea makeup 7

Magika Tessa – blondes

Silhouette Lashes – Babydoll

Sn@tch Peepshow Scroll top in blue

Mon Tissu Lou Lou Denim dark

Sand Shack Surf Co. Snazzy Flats in black

Ring: The Rock by Callie Cline

Zenith Black Leather Bracelet


Dutch Touch Yri 2 in Apricot

Truth Kylie in Seaspray

Silhouette Lashes – Babydoll

Cara Bella Exposed Teeth – attachment & alpha

Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingbacks in bole w/gold

Sand Shack Surf Co. Somer Dress in goldenrod

Artilleri Marla Sunglasses in Black

Yummy Black Bead Necklace (old freebie)

All poses by Imperial Elegance

*See SLurls page to tp directly!

Rosie Loli o.O

Pretty cute, right? And also I kinda look like this.

So, I learned of this blogger challenge from Sasy’s post, and I thought I’d give it a whirl! Sileny Noel came up with this fun Subculture Challenge.

My spin revealed that I could chose Raver or Lolita. I chose Lolita and thus began my adventure!

I researched Lolita Fashion like crazy… and let me tell you, Lolita is the devil. Just sayin. I was confused and couldn’t decide what to go with… Classic Lolita, Goth Lolita, Sweet Lolita?? And to make matters worse, I had some “helpful” friends who were like ‘what about Himegayru?’ Himegawhat??

But deciding which I wanted to do turned out to be easy-peasy… it was finding the right quality, color, and textures that was really the hard part.

Though this is not my style exactly, I put it together with things I would use if it were. The focus of the look was the dress/onepiece. There is remarkably alot of choices but finding one that I could call my own was a hunt. I chose this dress from Violent Seduction because of it’s cupcake shaped skirt and details. I also picked up a gorgeously outrageous hair there as well and found this creator to have some beautifully-made items. This is a very sexy dress as it’s sold in a pack called Silent Night. I girlied it down with the pintuck top from Feather. And I made it more flouncy with the skirt part of Armidi Gisaci’s Little Mary dress.

All about cute, this sweet/hime Lolita style really pushed me to go all gaga with the frills and the lace and bows. I accessorized with even more lace, ruffles, bows, and sweet. And look, not even a hair out of place!

Curio Petal Light Pout pure 1

Chelle (blush) Everyday Blush 2

Redgrave Eyes raindrop

Cake bedroom lashes

Junwave Natsumi gold

Mandala Takara Nail metal/white

CKD Chantilly Lace Gloves II white

Violent Seduction Silent Night (skirt & jacket layer)

Armidi Gisaci Little Mary snow (skirt layer under)

Feather Pintuck blouse white

G Field Ruffle Socks aqua + Wedge Platform shoes “Dorothy” white

poses by Couverture and Lo*momo

ILY Face

These are some of my favs from Skin Fair

Curio Pout… beautiful. Very much on the youthful side, this gorgeous skin wowed me. It’s been a while since I have been so totally enamored with a Curio skin. The lips are like a luscious ripe apple just screaming “BITE ME”. Wanting to love a skin and then finding that you do? Wonderful.

Mynerva. Yayyy new to me skin! I chose this one because of it’s raw beauty. The skin is designed to be sold as a more basic skin that includes a ‘no brow’ option so that you can take advantage of all the wonderful 2.0 makeups out there. Shown here, is just the skin – brows opted!

And this here is Lara’s Ava. Lara has been one of my favorite skins recently. The flawless, soft complexion combined with full lips makes this an ideal skin that I’ve seen work well on many shapes.

Curio Sundust Light Pout – Spoiled Rotten 2

Mynerva Kianna 5

Lara Ava purple tan

Curio, Mynerva, and Lara skins shown available at Skin Fair through March 6th

Maitreya Bo – Peroxide Blond

Lelutka Reflections Heaven eyes

Stellar Everyday Eyelash Face Tattoo for 2.0

Mimikri Emily Blush

Swallowtail Antique Necklace

Poses by Luth