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Reel Expression Burlesque Collages

So I’ve been sitting on these photos for some time. It started as a post that Jellybean and I were going to do on The Rev and I was gonna follow up on this blog. It didn’t happen that way. It was also going to be posted a heckuva lot nearer to the release date, but eh. It’s me ๐Ÿ˜€

At the time these were released I didn’t see too many pictures on the feed of ย the group poses, but those and the singles are all fabulous. Which isn’t at all surprising considering Luth Brodie’s history and sheer volume of past and recent pose releases.

I also purchased the Burlesque Martini Glass, as shown here. But I won’t be showing you pictures of that today.

So, Jelly and I finally got together on pictures and we dragged Daila out of hibernation to be our +one โค

Annnnnd so what you get is my jumbled up picture wonderland. This is the result of me learning by trial and error *not* to use a neon green photo background… hence the greenish tone. You would not believe how hard it was to get rid of the green from Jelly’s hair. Orrrr perhaps you would. So, I went with green tinge.

These poses are really fun and we laughed the whole time, using our emote huds for what we hoped was justย the right expression!

For a very VERY short time we were sexeh vamps, workin it for my dubious photo skills.

Jelly and I are showing off our Fishy Strawberry Ignition lingerie, and I have no clue what Dalia’s wearing and can’t be bothered to find out at this late date!

Shown in the above collages are several of the group poses available. I mixed in some singles of myself to use up green space.

In keeping with wanting to continue the sexy posing, I added in these pictures of the single poses. True, I had fun doing it, and really in SL, it’s a good opportunity to wear all that lovely lingerie that I drool over all the time. But I also wanted more pictures for this post and used up a ton trying to fill the group ones… haha.

Yea so this is way more info than you wanted or needed to know!

Go! If you haven’t already… go check out Reel Expression and get these if you haven’t already!

These poses are just fun and make you want to really strut your stuff! Nothing more fun than taking pics, right? As usual, they are beautifully created and exemplify the best of Luth’s work.

Many of the single poses work really well with any situation and the more out there ones are a nice change from standard runway or looket me poses.

Really, ok I’m done, GO! Go check ’em all out!


All Poses: Reel Expression

Some of the lingerie: Fishy Strawberry Ignition

My skins by: League & Lelutka (no clue what Jelly and Daila have on)

My Hair: Truth

My Shoes: Stiletto Moody & Maitreya


*BOOM* I Got Your Boyfriend

Not really. Noooo, I sure don’t. It’s just that the song has been running through my head while working on these pics, so there ya go! My personal crush on *BOOM* really started last summer with the release of the Summer Sarongs. I won’t be showing those here, though, because it’s too cold! But as with most of the selection in Aranel Ah’s store, the release was chock full of tons of yummy colors!

Winter has made me want to cozy up in warm knits and sweaters and these dresses are just perfect. A little too long to be a tunic top, but short enough to be in danger of requiring pants, Call Me Baby, is beautifully detailed and textured. A close up reminds me of chenille and oh how I love chenille โค On both dresses (including Tamed in top shot) the definitive shading at the clothing edges finishes off the look well. And the lil slits in the skirts! As if the length of the smock needed any sexing up!

The thumbhole on the sleeves of Call Me Baby is soooo cute! I have sweatshirts like this irl and I love those too! So cute! Both dresses are also versatile to wear with stockings, tights, leggings, or even skinny jeans! And what a great pairing for some sexy lonnnnng boots like J’s ThighHighs?

I chose to show off some jewelry that makes a statement by picking select striking pieces from my inventory. This is a look I go for often -using sparklies to brighten up a classic crisp style.

Again with the snuggly textures, we have *BOOM*‘s The Cashmere. This soft, sumptuous turtleneck sweater is just a bit shiny and lush looking and, again, comes in so many colors, you will have to succumb to the gluttony pack ย just so you don’t have to decide! Of course, smaller plump packs are available too in groupings of hues or basics.

Paired here I have the *BOOM* Pantime Pants.This wider legged, low rise pant features a detailed extended tab and double button closure in all it’s hand drawn yumminess. It comes in 5 colors, and when I say ‘low rise’, I mean reveal-your-crack kinda low rise. But it’s a good amount of crack! I swear! No need to over do it with unnecessary butt-crack exposure, the Pantime pant reveals just enough to have your admires guessing, plus adds the cute detail of sagging pockets on the back of the pant.


1st~*BOOM* Tamed w/wings set in Katey’s White, Maitreya Green II Natural Blond (softened in piknic)

2nd ~ *BOOM* Call Me Baby Basics pack (Cranberry, Midnight, Coal)

Maitreya: Faye Gold Blond

Tuli: Bella sunkissed/li. For Your Lips Only – taupe

Statement Jewelry: Shiny Things Ruma Necklace silver, Yummy Multiple Chain Necklace, Nevermore Silver & Red Ornate Rosary

TaP: Ribbed Tights grey

Maitreya Dune Boots Burgandy & Black, J’s ThighHigh Boots Navy Blue

3rd ~ *BOOM* Pantime Pants Teal, Red, Green & *Boom* The Cashmere in Lav, Brown, Grey

Maitreya: Green II Gold Blond

Tuli: Bella fair/li. For Your Eyes Only Dawn

Statement Jewelry: P.C; Agate necklace, โค co-pilot Chunky Dory Necklace, W&B Repairs Necklace Silver Onyx

Maitreya Gift Pumps: Violet, Maroon, Khaki

Song Title – M.C. Lucious

Only Happy When It Rains…


orrrr something.

Funnily enough there’s been zero rain lately. Mostly clear here… Oh wait! There were a few droplets yesterday morning. Does it really matter though? When it comes to fashion? I think not.

The paraplu set is from TorridWear and I was lucky enough to win the set back when it was released! It’s been around for a bit, but I never got the chance to show them off properly like everyone else did. Always one to do things fashionably late, I’m taking my turn now!


Also gave me a chance to wear one of my favorite coats on the grid! Armidi Gisaci’s Lima Trench in Divinity… not sure exactly how waterproof it is, but it’s super cute!

The hair I had to eff with for what seemed like hours to get it to cover my fat head, but I think I managed finally, if you don’t look at the back! It’s *0 Style* Ayase in Swedish Blonde and this is what my hair would really look like on a rainy day… except it wouldn’t. at. all.

I first saw the skin here and then, here. I loved the Detour demos for Lydia and Tamara but had to adjust the lips alot to get that perfect pout! I finally decided on the Lydia skins because of this dark burgandy lip color that I love!

I’m also very proud of my skill hiding the fact that I cut my foot off in the picture and I have no idea how – by positioning that shape low enough that it looks like my foot just slipped off the border.

Just a little rainy day prep fashion ๐Ÿ˜€


other stuff:

Eyelashes: the Obscene Artemis lashes

Blouse: Mimikri Joy Blouse in pistacio

Pants: Mimikri Zoe Pants in olive

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingbacks in eggplant

Jumps In


Taking a cue from Achariya, I decided to jump on in the Posemaker Challenge with some of my faves.

Luth Brodie is one of the first regular pose makers that I started buying from in SL. Lonnnggggg ago, when I was but a wee av :D. I’ve never stopped. Her store, Reel Expression, is now familiar to me… a shopper’s dream when it comes to ease of finding and trying out the poses.

Shown above from left to right are: Movement 09, Melancholy 01, and Rawr 6. Truly prolific in her offerings, I’ve found many of the moods, and attitudes for my pose needs could be fulfilled by a trip to her store, or a search of my invey for long-ago purchased Reel Expression treasures.


Sex Sells 05 and Pin-up 02 complete the 5 of my faves to show off Luth’s wares. I’m also sporting my trusty Siggy Romulus mood hud, which Iunno if it’s still for sell, but hey, he sells that wonderful swimmer thing too!

Oh, unsung hero, Posemakers, thank you for not making my av look dumb. I heart you!

Also wearing:

Celestial Studios Charmed Skin tone 40 in Pink Paradise

ETD Camille hairย  in Strawberry (location closed? moved? invalid?)

La Sylphide eyes in Bright Blue

AC Lashes Spike

Nyte’N’Day Lazy PJs

Jaywalk Catspaw Slippers

*so much for this post a day for 30 days, huh? But there will be 30 posts within 30 days, even if I have to post the last 20 on day 30!

Orchid Rocks My Socks!

Omg you will never guess who has a store! Orchid has a store!!!! That’s right, you read that correctly… she’s witty, she’s smart, and now she’s making stuff in SL!


Look! there it is! Isn’t it cute. Technically, it looks like she shares it with Bebop. Glitter Factory is currently only an outlet, but I hear that there’s plans to open a store somewhere down the line!

What does Orchid make, you ask… skins!! She currently has 6 skin tones available and a small selection of makeups up for sale. I’m not going to show you any of those today ๐Ÿ˜€ (go see for yourself!)

What I am gonna show you is pics of some more untraditional skins that she’s been working on. Not normally my thing to be so – not normal – but these skins are very detailed and interesting.


These are her Cracked skins in white. I’m loving the sweetness of the lips on these skins in contrast to the garish design of the skin. NSFW pics below the cut… Continue reading

Mimikri and *Me*

Time for a little light fashion ๐Ÿ˜› Or a lot of light fashion! One of my favorite shops on the grid, Mimikri has got the style and chic design I follow regularly. In fact, I was surprised at how much I actually have stuffed in my inventory when I went to take pics! So then, there I was with my not-so-mad ps skills and all this stuff I wanted to show. So bear with me… this is photo heavy!

The City Cat Jacket was my first foray into the magical yummy goodness that is Mimikri. Although teased for looking like I was wearing a space jacket (shup!), I loved the quilted texture and rich hues. The Zoe pants (combined with the Chloe tanks in matching colors) have proven to be a staple when it comes to sexy chic. Slowly, over time, I came to anticipate the new releases knowing that Mimikri Kit was adventurous and fun when it came to her designs and that there was a high probability that I’d love whatever she put out next!

As you can see, I haven’t progressed much in my PS skills ๐Ÿ˜› But pay that no mind! Keep your eyes on the clothes, folks, nothing else to see here! I’m just grateful that I could actually combine these down to the 7 or 8 I have instead of doing them individually ๐Ÿ˜›

With varied and lush collections such as Joy, I found that I could rarely pick just one color and the fabulous Corsage tops that you can choose from come as part of the collection, and are beautiful and great to mix and match withFrequently, the new releases and collections are heavily peppered with the same core colors, which keeps adding options to how you can wear them best. Mimikri continually shows a flair for the dramatic and elegant fashion with her attention to detail and her inspired designs. So what if I don’t have a fancy schmancy high society event to go to?! In the fabulous Cortina Loop Wrap I can definitely look the part anyhow!

And the elegance continues with her latest release, Modesty. This dress also comes with a version to wear as tutu skirts and I have to admit they’re pretty cute. The problem is I took that hypocritical oath a while back and I still have a hard time admitting that I might actually like something that is remotely babydollish in style ๐Ÿ˜›

I figured it was high time I pay proper homage to the designs of Mimikri, and will continue to watch for more spectacular releases!

Pinks and Purples

Be careful what you wish for! ๐Ÿ˜› So, like I now have the mad skillz. Aka says with mad skillz comes awesome responsibility. Case in point: “make me a new header for my blog?” Ummm are you sure you want me to? I come up with this Serengeti-esque panorama ๐Ÿ˜€

This one I did because normally Aka is shooting daggers out of her eyes… was soooo rare to see her sending out nothing but wubbers!

Mad skillz? uh huh, if you count 2 skills as “mad”: deleting white backgrounds and dragging. Oh and the second one all done in picnik, so that doesn’t count, but I had to share!