For Comfort

For Comfort

Among the many wonderful items that creators are offering up with proceeds going to help Japan are the adorable Pantalon from NuDoLu. This is one of my choices from the Help Japan event. There is literally oodles and oodles of cute stuff there, so if you haven’t been yet… GO! I love the color of these and the lacey cuffs are so girly and cute.

Kind of an overall pajamas kind of look, this is something I’d totally wear while lounging around the house or sipping coffee while chatting with my girls in the garden. The shirt is from Nanuk, a men’s store that my friend Steph maaade me go to. Omg I loved the cute styles and the textures on these Kent Tees, which are very see through, btw, if you’re only using one layer. So, yea, I’m totally glad she made me go!

There’s so much going on right now in SL and so very many ways you can help Japan. Whether it’s your donation of a creation for one of these charities or your Lindens, or maybe your choice is to donate outside of SL and directly to the charitable organization, do what is in your heart to do and what you are able to.

Lara Hurley Skin – Claire Smokey 1

Truth Carina in Seaspray

Fusemelon Intense Eyes Morning Dream

Nanuk Kent Tee – Pink

NuDoLu Pantalon Haricot Rouge – for Help Japan

Surf Couture Courtyard Slippers – White

What Next Enchanted Garden Table and Stump Seats

Visit SLurls Page for direct TP!


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