Just A Little (love)

Whatever did we do before sculpty skirts?? Before hip-hiding alphas? I found one example of a lovely frou frou skirt I just adore at (love)… the Belle Poplin Skirt. I am in love with the shape of this skirt and the whispy layer underneath it. It’s floaty and delicate and perfect for spring. With my hips, this particular skirt really needed the invisible hip alpha layer, so if you’re not using the most current SL Viewer, you might want to be very frugal with your layers.

To toughen up the sweet just a tad, I added mon tissu’s Porter Jean Jacket.

The background pic was taken at The Untroubled Sound, a place I found from following Chestnut Rau’s blog, Second Life of My Dreams. She visits many wonderful places in SL so her blog is a great guide if you’re looking to see more of SL so check it out!

Tuli Audrey Tone 3 w/dark 2 gloss (tattoo layer)

Truth Drew in Seaspray

La Sylphide Natural Prim Lashes

PXL Eyes Glow – blue

Tres Blah Nail Cool – cool

Mon Tissu Porter Jean Jacket – Used

Boom Hope’s Tank Grey w/white lace

(love) Belle Poplin Skirt – Blue Floral

Maitreya Gold Moxie – Coal

Dark Mouse Stone Dreams Necklace, Earrings, Cuff

Pose by GEEZ

Visit SLurls Page for direct tp!


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