Spring’s Coming

Although I consider myself girly, it’s only around springtime that I really feel cutesy and want all those gorgeous, pale, frilly short dresses and I want pinks and flowers and yellows and bunnies and greens.

Since really coming back to SL, one of the best new finds for me is Janie Marlowe’s progression from her previous brand Mischief to the new Jane. Staying with the concept of low pricing and a wide color palette, Jane has been introducing some lovely spring dresses lately that are rich in hue and delicate and fun in shape and design.

Mynerva Kianna Shade 5 w/ lipstick syle 1 in plum (tattoo)

elikatira Wish blonde 06

Shine Eyes Garden City ForgetMeNot available at Garden City Relief

Rezlpsa Loc Black Cherry nails (glove)

Jane Blossom Dress pewter and Blossom Cardi honey

Coco Ankle Strap Sandals silver sage

League Wanderer jewelry set (fifty linden friday)

pose by with love & squalor


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