Jammies Time

Ah, where do I go to get pajamas? PJ’s aren’t exactly the ultimate in couture, but I still want to be cute and comfy even when I’m just kicking it, watching a movie with friends late at night… or just hanging out at home decorating or whatnot. I chose Jane’s newest Stars and Stripes pjs because of the fun colors and whimsical silhouette. This is perfect and perfectly respectable if you’re hanging out with your friends when you’re not worried about wearing a bra or having your makeup all perfect.

There is tons of sexytime lingerie, bustiers, bras, panties, etc. out there to choose from. But when it comes to casual, cute, and comfortable for lounging, my inventory was sadly lacking. Pajamas, pjs, jammies… whatever you call them, there tends to be alot of selection out there if you broaden your search to include loungewear or workout gear/wear. This second pic is using fri.day’s Lounge Set. It’s cute, dainty and just barely hanging onto modesty. Perfect attributes for a sleep-over with friends. Throw in a pillow fight and jello shooters and viola! You will have every man’s sleep-over fantasy!

Lara Hurley Aimee Natural Tan

vive9 Ana in Dust & Sugar

SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet low

Fri. Lounge Set Sage

Jane Stars and Stripes Jams – pant & pj top

Poses by LAP


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