Corporate Chic – Rosie Shark – Look 1

First of all, let me say that this was a harrrd challenge! But I was interested in Whimsy’s challenge because I thought for sure I had great stuff to make this happen!

20 bazillion tryons out of my inventory later and I came up with this Mimikri coat to center my look around. There are alot of options to do this and still pull off a professional look. However, in my opinion, the sleeker the look, the more professional. Pairing the jacket with black trousers, for instance, would not look as serious.

And for all the stuff I have in my inventory, I didn’t have much to suit this look! Alot of what I came across may have worked but they were older items. Last Call, for instance, was my immediate go-to. The skirt I finally chose is from Artilleri and finished off the look.  I think I manage to look like the bizness as well as sport a little style with my saucy shoes!

Truth Hair – Cameron mirage

Tuli Skin – Audrey tone 3/co

Boom Love My Eyes liner and mascara – medium (Kozmetika)

Tres Blah nail color pale pink

Mimikri Luisa Jacket gray

Ohmai Basic Poof Blouse nudist

Artilleri Simplicity Pencil Skirt gray

Persona Stockings with Lace light grey

Maitreya Shoes Neyya Toe-cap grey

Dark Mouse Dripping Pearls silver set


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