That’s right. What better way to strut your e-(or other)fame than with this attitudinal Superstar Modeling AO by ANA_Mations? I had so much fun with this AO. The poses are so full of dramz and style. I loved even the look of a closeup in some of the faces, so I’m plaguing you with those as well!

Do you know who I am?! This AO just screams that question. This is the perfect accessory for the showy fashionista on the go who wants you to think she doesn’t think she wants you to take her picture! Make sense?

See? There I go again… alternately saying “no pictures plzkthxbai” and “looket me pretty pretty me”! The super sexy Sabotage dress from *BOOM* also draws the eye and covers just a wee lil bit.

Told you there’d be more closeups! I love the slight gesturing and head turns of these poses in the close ups. Possible profile picture update in the future… hmmm.

For those of you (us) on the flipside, Surrealia Anatine also makes this boxed Stalker Kit. Don’t want the object of your affection to know you’re watching their every move? This wearable tree and newspaper offer the perfect disguise! And also remind me of that episode of Will and Grace where Jack stalks Kevin Bacon!

Go check out all the AO’s and poses at ANA-Mations… there are tons. And for more fun visit the sim and do a lap or two around the 70’s roller rink or catch a flick at the drive in!


Superstar Modeling AO poses and Stalker Kit: ANA_Mations

Tuli Hope Sunkissed Kitten

Truth Elle and Chloe in Dune

JE Republic Real Glitter Eyes Brilliant – Ocean

Maitreya Gold Shanti Snow Leopard (Footwear Expo exclusive)

*BOOM* Sabotage (Flag) dress

Suite 17 Sunglasses Jetgloss (can’t find a valid location)

Shiny Things Glass Chunk Necklace & Bracelet b&w


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