Cause I’mma Blonde

Maybe I could have taken these photos on a darker background… they would have shown up better… but meh. We’ll all survive. How do you spell Blond? There seems to be some debate about this, but maybe it’s a blonde question of me to ask. I’ve alwasy spelled it b-l-o-n-d-e, but I see varying spellings, so iunno.

Britnee Hadlee, if you don’t know her, is a rockstar. She livens up my plurk timeline as well as my SL. She’s been making hair since before I knew her. Mostly because of personal preferences, I haven’t worn alot of her styles, but I recently got the chance to check out a bunch of them!

Admittedly, as a blonde in SL, I’m not normally a fan of the overly shiny hair textures. Blonde textures usually have to have a very good mix of low lights and highlights in order for me to buy them. Brit’s been working on her textures for Simply Britnee, and although they still have that shiny shiny sheen, they are more detailed and look beautiful!

The first two hairs shown above are a couple of the latest she’s worked on… Binnie 2 shown in Rubia is not yet released. And the other is B-Day 2, also in Rubia, my favorite texture of her’s. I love the whispy curls of both and am all like *squee* over the stringy locks of Binnie2.

These next two are Isla in blonde and Canta in Crema. These textures are showing more of the color definition that I really go for in SL. The shaping is nice and the sultry look of Isla sliding over my shoulder really suits this skin I’m wearing from Belleza. The peek-a-boo of my eye under the fall of Canta is also a favorite feature for me.

Britnee has recently advertised that she is offering up her wares if bloggers would like to review them. All you have to do is drop a notecard on Britnee Hadlee with your name, blog address, DNA sample, and sexual orientation… haha. Anyhowwww, do that and she will drop a review copy on you.

These last two, Cuca in Stinky and Gaga2 in Rubia, are a couple of older releases. Hopefully I’ve been able to show a fairly well-rounded look at the Blondes that Britnee has to offer. Go check-checkity-check them out! (p.s. there are lots of other colors too)

All hair found at Simply Britnee

I’m wearing the Belleza Alyson Med Group Gift (old)


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