Always A Bride…

Church Bride

Chalice Carling issued this Always A Bride challenge and I thought what the heck… let me have a go at it! I have a ton of dresses in my inventory that I will probably never wear except for something like this, so this was a great opportunity to shake off their dust and glam myself up! Please ignore the fact that I’m mashing the bouquet into my face all over the place… I had a vision in my head of what I wanted this picture to look like. This came closeish.

Though I don’t think I’ve had occasion to wear many of the dresses from the wonderful Last Call, I knew I had a choice selection to chose from. Julieta was just what I was looking for. Not a classic wedding dress, but one made for a more spur of the moment, yet traditional, event. The detail on this dress is exquisite, from the folds of the full length skirt to the adjustable straps on the back. No, it’s not terribly white… I’m ok with that.

And see that? That look right there is me eyeing the front of the church wondering where that good-for-nothing groom is. I guess I could have chosen a more joyous expression, but so what? This makes a more interesting story.

The bouquet is older than dirt… so old I can’t retrieve the original creator from the properties. It’s actually a bridesmaid bouquet from one of the numerous wedding parties I’ve been in. No, I can’t remember which one… this bride had a few. But I loved the soft colored petals and complimentary hues to go with this look.

My cleavage is courtesy of Dutch Touch.

I looked to take these photos at the Church of Elvis in SL, but sadly that masterpiece can no longer be found.

Beach Bride

Again, I kind of look like one pissed of bride. To go with that, I went with the Jaded Blond in the currently-popular Marie hair from Oh, why so pissed, Rosie? It’s the most wonderful day of your slife and your doing it on some fabulous remote beach!

My look for the beach bride combined a little bit of fluff and fancy pants with some casual style. I do love the idea of a wedding on the beach and thought the flowers I carried looked terrific with the flower in my hair. I chose the red accents as a bold addition to this otherwise soft look.

This was a really fun post to do and I found that everything I needed for it was right in my inventory. Although I don’t own an official wedding dress, these looks were easy and stylish to pull off from my existing wardrobe.


Church Bride

Dutch Touch Skin – Gwen Cotton Just Smoked Hair – Carrie Happy Blond

MMS – Thora Lashes

Last Call – Julieta dress (store closed)

RH Jewelry – Raven Pink Earrings and Necklace

Bridesmaid Bouquet v.2 Spring Flowers

Beach Bride

Dutch Touch Skin – Sjors cream Snow + Gwen eyelashes Hair – Marie Jaded Blond

Icing – Angel Food Cake dress

Stiletto Moody – Mary Jane Sandal Warhol White

Philotic Energy – Horizon Eyes R

Shine – Enchanted Bouquet Necklace and Bracelet blue lily

Bridesmaid Bouquet v.2 Blood Rose

All poses from [LAP] Kewt As A Button pose set


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