Reel Expression Burlesque Collages

So I’ve been sitting on these photos for some time. It started as a post that Jellybean and I were going to do on The Rev and I was gonna follow up on this blog. It didn’t happen that way. It was also going to be posted a heckuva lot nearer to the release date, but eh. It’s me 😀

At the time these were released I didn’t see too many pictures on the feed of  the group poses, but those and the singles are all fabulous. Which isn’t at all surprising considering Luth Brodie’s history and sheer volume of past and recent pose releases.

I also purchased the Burlesque Martini Glass, as shown here. But I won’t be showing you pictures of that today.

So, Jelly and I finally got together on pictures and we dragged Daila out of hibernation to be our +one ❤

Annnnnd so what you get is my jumbled up picture wonderland. This is the result of me learning by trial and error *not* to use a neon green photo background… hence the greenish tone. You would not believe how hard it was to get rid of the green from Jelly’s hair. Orrrr perhaps you would. So, I went with green tinge.

These poses are really fun and we laughed the whole time, using our emote huds for what we hoped was just the right expression!

For a very VERY short time we were sexeh vamps, workin it for my dubious photo skills.

Jelly and I are showing off our Fishy Strawberry Ignition lingerie, and I have no clue what Dalia’s wearing and can’t be bothered to find out at this late date!

Shown in the above collages are several of the group poses available. I mixed in some singles of myself to use up green space.

In keeping with wanting to continue the sexy posing, I added in these pictures of the single poses. True, I had fun doing it, and really in SL, it’s a good opportunity to wear all that lovely lingerie that I drool over all the time. But I also wanted more pictures for this post and used up a ton trying to fill the group ones… haha.

Yea so this is way more info than you wanted or needed to know!

Go! If you haven’t already… go check out Reel Expression and get these if you haven’t already!

These poses are just fun and make you want to really strut your stuff! Nothing more fun than taking pics, right? As usual, they are beautifully created and exemplify the best of Luth’s work.

Many of the single poses work really well with any situation and the more out there ones are a nice change from standard runway or looket me poses.

Really, ok I’m done, GO! Go check ’em all out!


All Poses: Reel Expression

Some of the lingerie: Fishy Strawberry Ignition

My skins by: League & Lelutka (no clue what Jelly and Daila have on)

My Hair: Truth

My Shoes: Stiletto Moody & Maitreya


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