An Ode To ETD

Oh ETD hair, my old and trusted friend, it’s time I store you away. Like most things, I am hardly time-relevant with this topic, but better late than never!

Weeks ago, possibly a month or so, there were people around me who had decided to pack up or get rid of their ETD hairs. At first I was horrified at the thought! Who could do such a thing?? Then it started to make sense. It didn’t seem all too bright to be holding onto all these hairs in my ever-increasing inventory when I never wear them. Efficiency dictates that I pack them up, because deleting is unthinkable!

But, first, I wanted to properly bid them farewell ❤

This first group is a sample of what I pulled out of my “Vintage ETD” hair folder. Clockwise they are: Irresistible (blonde pink), Timid (dirty blonde), Knotted (dirty blonde), and Adorable (blonde pink). Don’t rush right over there to pick up these classics! They are no longer available, although you could probably find something similar in newer textures.

Oh how I loved that Knotted style. I think it must have done fairly well too, because it was reincarnated in several generations of updated styles and colors. Good Times… the first stages of true love when you’re just getting to know a hair and a hair maker.

Chronologically, I believe these came after… in the gorgeous Strawberry Blonde I fell in love with. I had to have just that shade in (clockwise) Elated, Hope, Smooth, and Loopy. You would have thought that I only owned one hair at that time – Smooth. I loved it’s long flexi ponytail and whispy strands around the face and I wore it everywhere! It was this texture that made me a Strawberry Blonde in SL for a very long time.

This was the hayday of ETD and I remember it well… sitting on top of some vendor while everyone and their mother crammed into the store to get the new releases, fighting off the jealous waves of not being in the Elite group that got first buying priveleges… ahhh, memories.

Now, I may be reversing the order with the above pic and the next one to come but I’m not sure! Elikapeka Tiramisu’s special project with the brand Aveda in SL, brought these beauties to light. Clockwise: Med Wavy (champagne), Med End Curl (champagne), Short Layered (chiffon), Long Flip (chiffon). Oh, the Long Flip… so Jessica Rabbit and made everyone look just RAWR hot. How exciting! Your favorite hair maker working for Aveda to produce more! Again, I don’t believe that these are for sale any longer.

The ETD Couture Collection was a bold and varied release that went on for a short while. Clockwise: The Asymmetrical (Light Blonde Rooted), The Half Up (Light Blonde Rooted), The Chignon (Red Frosted), and The Razor Cut (Dark Blonde Rooted). Though at the time I was not partial to the shorter styles, I still loved them. I found I wore the Half Up more often than the others. Again, I loved that my favorite hair brand was trying different collections and improving upon style and talent.

There was a very dark time in my history with ETD. One in which a strawberry blonde option was not available. Oh No! Clockwise: Mira (Strawberry), Luth (Platinum Blackened), Naomi (Strawberry Blackened), Jackie (Strawberry). During the dark time, I still shopped at ETD and opted for the Platinum color as in the Luth style above.

It was after that time that the textures were updated yet again and yayy there was Strawberry again! Only this time, the textures were richer and more beautiful AND each pack came with “burnt” and “blackened” variations! Jackie was not a style I got to wear very often though I loved it, since that particular style was placed firmly on my best friend’s head most of the time! And we couldn’t have worn the same style!

Ahhh if those hairs could talk, I’d tape their mouths shut! Not original at all those days to mention that ETD was your favorite hair, but eh, what can you do. People love stuff that looks great! Some of the more recent styles are still available at the store. In my opinion these are styles that still work and look great. I just don’t wear them, because I like to shop and buy new things! haha.

Here’s to ETD…


All hair: ETD

eyes: The Obscene Collection contacts 011 Dark Blue

lashes: La Sylphide natural prim lashes

skin: Lelutka E/Estellelight makeup 9

2 responses to “An Ode To ETD

  • Willis


    All my old ones are boxed up, with just one of each style out!! Can you believe I still own one of EVERY hair ETD ever did! LOL!

    Great Post Rosie!!!

  • Isabelli Anatine

    Hi there! I did the same.. pack many of my old ETD hairs… but I have good news and you probably know it… Elikapeka is back with a new brand called Elikatira… and guess what? Tons of pink and blond hairs for you xD

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