Good Ole HOMESPUN Goodness

Posy Trudeau revealed her latest venture Saturday with the Depression style inspired Homespun.

Posy is somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to conceptions and projects. It’s exciting to see her try out new ideas and make her inspirations come to life throughout her vastly differing endeavors in SL.

Shown in the first picture above is a couple of the staples that make this collection. I’m wearing the Daisy Skirt with the Berries Cardigan and the Sunflower Dress. The bell sleeves on the dresses really make this outfit precious.

And call me susceptible but I think my choices in hair for these looks was a result of all the warm fuzzies brought on by the Homespun goodness. The uber short head-banded style is super cute with knots on the back is Cherry Pie from Shag. And the longer straight and swingy style is Junebug from Detour.

I whipped out LAP’s Jazz Hands poses for these pics because somehow they just felt right. In this second pic, I’m wearing the Bluebird Dress, the Birdie Cardigan, White Button Down Shirt and Slim Jeans. The Rolled-Down Socks are adorable and I just had to have the fatpack!

Inspired by some of her favorite movies and books, Posy was spurred to create products and a shopping environment that reflects the “simplicity and utilitarian” qualities prevalent during the Great Depression.

With Homespun, she hopes to create stuff for the “average Joe” and celebrate simplicity… and also watch how fashion evolves by mixing these looks into more modern wardrobes.


All Clothes: Homespun by Posy Trudeau

Hair: Shag Cherry Pie in Dark Blonde & Detour Junebug in Glazed

Skin: Curio :GP: Classic Dainty

Eyes: Homespun Eyes – Hydrangea

Lashes: Atomic

Shoes: Homespun Walkin’ Shoes & Shiny Things Belles in Teal

All Poses: LAP


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