Rosie Then and Now

The photo sucks, yes. But you get the idea haha. My photos still suck although there have been some improvements.  Sophia Harlow issued this challenge and I thought wth! Yes, Rosie’s come a long way since early ’05.

Speaking of coming along way, how about those blonde hair textures!! Although I came to SL as a brunette, like my TSO character, I quickly went blonde and sheesh was it hard to find good textures. Not so any more. Woohoo!

Like in RL when you look back at old pictures of yourself, I was mildly embarrassed with what I used to think was cute. Oh yea I thought I was hotstuff.

A comparison like this is awesome though. It shows not only that fashion and quality have come along way but also, skill and experience. Great challenge, Soph!


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