Up To No Good

I’ve always been a fan of Mischief. One of the first stores I shopped at regularly, it’s great to see that Janie Marlowe is still pumping out some great styles. I’d been eyeing these Snowbunny outfits on the feeds as well as the Eskimo Kisses Hoodies pictured below. I really can never get enough of the cute hoodies, fur lined cuffs and collars, button up coats, and scarves that are in abundance in the winter. It’s all just adorable and makes me feel all warm and cozy.

I’m a sucker for fuzzy, fluffy, poofy so both of these were must-haves for me! Mischief has always been a huge staple of my wardrobe for it’s versatility and ease of wearing. Wear as is or mix and match it up, I find that I keep returning to my Mischief folder to complete my look.

With both of these hooded styles, it was a bit of a challenge to find a hair that would work without having to mod like crazy. I managed it finally with Truth’s Mini in Seaspray.

The Bitty Bolero is another of my recent faves. I have a similar red one in rl and I love it to pieces. These are great overpieces to jazz up your pantsuit or a dress, and I love LOVE the floppy big tie in the front.

A few words about this skin. I was pleasantly surprised that Launa Fauna’s new skins ‘Lapine’ worked for me. I do not usually wear hand drawn skins because they don’t work for me and it’s often too much trouble to change my shape for a skin. I’m sort of  too impatient for that, so imagine my surprise when I found that not only was this a great skin for me, but also gave me an adorable look that I don’t often achieve with the more glam photo sourced skins that I usually wear. And I didn’t have to tweak my shape to wear it!

And for the natural blonde, who wants the curtains to match the carpet… or in this case, the eyebrows… Launa Fauna provides numerous eyebrow options in the skin pack as well as a link to a video tutorial on how to color your brows. Trust me when I say that I’m like a n00b when it comes to coloring my brows, so this proved very helpful to me!


1st pic ~ L.Fauna Lapine pale 2 [petals], Truth Hair – Mini in Seaspray, The Obscene Collection contacts-011-Dark Blue, La Sylphide Natural Prim Lashes, Bliensen + MaiTai Agroglyphe soft necklace, G Field Long Fur Cuff Boots Brown

2nd pic ~ L.Fauna Lapine pale 2 [fresh], Truth Hair – Mini in Seaspray, Miel Elo necklace, J’s Ankle Boots Round Dark Brown, Dutch Touch Jeans Def 4 1, Armidi Limited Skinny jeans A001 Chemical Industrial

3rd pic ~ L.Fauna Lapine pale 2 [acres], Truth Hair – Pamela in Latte, dress – elDee Kali Red, Armidi Limited Denim Cotton Jumpsuit in Gold, LeLutka Saffron pumps in black and nude, Miel Elo bracelet

All poses by LAP


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