*BOOM* I Got Your Boyfriend

Not really. Noooo, I sure don’t. It’s just that the song has been running through my head while working on these pics, so there ya go! My personal crush on *BOOM* really started last summer with the release of the Summer Sarongs. I won’t be showing those here, though, because it’s too cold! But as with most of the selection in Aranel Ah’s store, the release was chock full of tons of yummy colors!

Winter has made me want to cozy up in warm knits and sweaters and these dresses are just perfect. A little too long to be a tunic top, but short enough to be in danger of requiring pants, Call Me Baby, is beautifully detailed and textured. A close up reminds me of chenille and oh how I love chenille ❤ On both dresses (including Tamed in top shot) the definitive shading at the clothing edges finishes off the look well. And the lil slits in the skirts! As if the length of the smock needed any sexing up!

The thumbhole on the sleeves of Call Me Baby is soooo cute! I have sweatshirts like this irl and I love those too! So cute! Both dresses are also versatile to wear with stockings, tights, leggings, or even skinny jeans! And what a great pairing for some sexy lonnnnng boots like J’s ThighHighs?

I chose to show off some jewelry that makes a statement by picking select striking pieces from my inventory. This is a look I go for often -using sparklies to brighten up a classic crisp style.

Again with the snuggly textures, we have *BOOM*‘s The Cashmere. This soft, sumptuous turtleneck sweater is just a bit shiny and lush looking and, again, comes in so many colors, you will have to succumb to the gluttony pack  just so you don’t have to decide! Of course, smaller plump packs are available too in groupings of hues or basics.

Paired here I have the *BOOM* Pantime Pants.This wider legged, low rise pant features a detailed extended tab and double button closure in all it’s hand drawn yumminess. It comes in 5 colors, and when I say ‘low rise’, I mean reveal-your-crack kinda low rise. But it’s a good amount of crack! I swear! No need to over do it with unnecessary butt-crack exposure, the Pantime pant reveals just enough to have your admires guessing, plus adds the cute detail of sagging pockets on the back of the pant.


1st~*BOOM* Tamed w/wings set in Katey’s White, Maitreya Green II Natural Blond (softened in piknic)

2nd ~ *BOOM* Call Me Baby Basics pack (Cranberry, Midnight, Coal)

Maitreya: Faye Gold Blond

Tuli: Bella sunkissed/li. For Your Lips Only – taupe

Statement Jewelry: Shiny Things Ruma Necklace silver, Yummy Multiple Chain Necklace, Nevermore Silver & Red Ornate Rosary

TaP: Ribbed Tights grey

Maitreya Dune Boots Burgandy & Black, J’s ThighHigh Boots Navy Blue

3rd ~ *BOOM* Pantime Pants Teal, Red, Green & *Boom* The Cashmere in Lav, Brown, Grey

Maitreya: Green II Gold Blond

Tuli: Bella fair/li. For Your Eyes Only Dawn

Statement Jewelry: P.C; Agate necklace, ❤ co-pilot Chunky Dory Necklace, W&B Repairs Necklace Silver Onyx

Maitreya Gift Pumps: Violet, Maroon, Khaki

Song Title – M.C. Lucious


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