Here comes the jackpot question in advance…

What are you doing New Year’s… New yearrrrr’s eve?

One of the many Christmas songs I hear daily. Lucky for me, one that I actually like. Although I do prefer Harry Connick’s version ūüėõ

Thinking Harry was posing this question to me (it’s possible yanno!), I figured I’d need something to wear. This new Lvs&Co Simple Pleasures Dress fit the bill nicely.

Red tends to be my thing so, naturally, this was the gown for me. The swooping neckline and exposed back make this long formal gown not-so-modest. Though quite elegant, with it’s rich texturing and long flowing skirt, the flouncy bow at the back makes it whimsical and just begs Harry to unwrap his present :O

I guess it’s a formal occasion and all, but I don’t think Harry would mind my ¬†Cheekies stars. Do you? I wanted a little extra flair and it’s seasonal really, stars and all.

I added the sparkle of Dark Mouse’s 50’s Vintage Pearl and Diamond set in Silver and popped on my Truth Cameron hair in Seaspray.

My excellent coloring and pouty red mouth I owe all to Dutch Touch’s Jolie skin, ¬†CatsEyeRedL.


Truth – Cameron in Seaspray

Dutch Touch Р Jolie Cream CatsEyesRedL CL1 EBBlond, eyelashes

DN – Ornamentation Cheekies – Stars White

La Sylphide – Eyes Bright Blue

Dark Mouse – 50’s Vintage Pearl and Diamond jewelry set in silver

Lvs&Co – Simple Pleasures dress in red

Photos taken in my shiny new Mudhoney Р By The Fireplace photoble

Poses – one is in the photoble, the other is Reel Expression


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