Old Skool caLLie… feat. Tuli

I wanted to say gigantic thank you to everyone who participated in the blogger’s appreciation week. It gave me a chance to meet some great people and enjoy the frenetic discussions in the group IM :PThe generosity of the gifts was truly overwhelming. And the person who made it all possible??? why, none other than caLLie cLine ! So, thank you Callie and ty designers and bloggers who participated.

I chose to wear some ‘vintage’ caLLie to commemorate CALLIE DAY today. I purchased this back around Feb. of  ’07 and added on the patches pack from Tuli Asturias, who I believe at the time was designing under the Lollipop brand. I think I also own this in the army green color that was used for most of the release photos, but it was tmlw to find it in my inventory. What was so fun about this outfit was the customizable patch packs you could add to it. I have Tuli’s (pictured) as well as the orange flowered one that came with it, and a seperate pack of ‘Callie’s faves’ that include love and peace. Plus, you know, it has a fair amount of skank factor with the hoochie shorts and that’s always a plus 😛

The back view of the Tuli patch pack plastered on the outfit… including the *kiss it* patch and the pin up and tattoo design on the back. I have no clue… NONE… whether or not this outfit/patch packs are still available in her store…. so don’t ask! Go! Run to her store and see 😀 Orrrr IM her? Callie Cline. Thanks again Callie 🙂

What I’m wearing:

Outfit & socks: Army Baby Signature Outfit (Brown) – caLLie cLine (circa oooooh Feb. of 2007 or so)

w/Tuli’s custom patch pack

Skin:  STAR MU8b in peach tone – ::Dutch Touch::

Shoes:  Brown Klunks – FORM

Lashes: Club 6 – (CS)

Poses: from Coy & Drama – Torridwear

Hair: Amanda in Sand – Exile

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet: Enchanted Set – Shine

Eyes: Bright Blue – La Sylphide


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