Only Happy When It Rains…


orrrr something.

Funnily enough there’s been zero rain lately. Mostly clear here… Oh wait! There were a few droplets yesterday morning. Does it really matter though? When it comes to fashion? I think not.

The paraplu set is from TorridWear and I was lucky enough to win the set back when it was released! It’s been around for a bit, but I never got the chance to show them off properly like everyone else did. Always one to do things fashionably late, I’m taking my turn now!


Also gave me a chance to wear one of my favorite coats on the grid! Armidi Gisaci’s Lima Trench in Divinity… not sure exactly how waterproof it is, but it’s super cute!

The hair I had to eff with for what seemed like hours to get it to cover my fat head, but I think I managed finally, if you don’t look at the back! It’s *0 Style* Ayase in Swedish Blonde and this is what my hair would really look like on a rainy day… except it wouldn’t. at. all.

I first saw the skin here and then, here. I loved the Detour demos for Lydia and Tamara but had to adjust the lips alot to get that perfect pout! I finally decided on the Lydia skins because of this dark burgandy lip color that I love!

I’m also very proud of my skill hiding the fact that I cut my foot off in the picture and I have no idea how – by positioning that shape low enough that it looks like my foot just slipped off the border.

Just a little rainy day prep fashion 😀


other stuff:

Eyelashes: the Obscene Artemis lashes

Blouse: Mimikri Joy Blouse in pistacio

Pants: Mimikri Zoe Pants in olive

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingbacks in eggplant


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