Jumps In


Taking a cue from Achariya, I decided to jump on in the Posemaker Challenge with some of my faves.

Luth Brodie is one of the first regular pose makers that I started buying from in SL. Lonnnggggg ago, when I was but a wee av :D. I’ve never stopped. Her store, Reel Expression, is now familiar to me… a shopper’s dream when it comes to ease of finding and trying out the poses.

Shown above from left to right are: Movement 09, Melancholy 01, and Rawr 6. Truly prolific in her offerings, I’ve found many of the moods, and attitudes for my pose needs could be fulfilled by a trip to her store, or a search of my invey for long-ago purchased Reel Expression treasures.


Sex Sells 05 and Pin-up 02 complete the 5 of my faves to show off Luth’s wares. I’m also sporting my trusty Siggy Romulus mood hud, which Iunno if it’s still for sell, but hey, he sells that wonderful swimmer thing too!

Oh, unsung hero, Posemakers, thank you for not making my av look dumb. I heart you!

Also wearing:

Celestial Studios Charmed Skin tone 40 in Pink Paradise

ETD Camille hair  in Strawberry (location closed? moved? invalid?)

La Sylphide eyes in Bright Blue

AC Lashes Spike

Nyte’N’Day Lazy PJs

Jaywalk Catspaw Slippers

*so much for this post a day for 30 days, huh? But there will be 30 posts within 30 days, even if I have to post the last 20 on day 30!


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