Fashion Relay Challenge – Post 14


I’ve been waiting my turn! Checking Whimsy Winx’s blog, Virtually Dressed,  for her post so I could grab that fashion baton and GO! And then, she posted and I was like, uhhhh… where do I start?!

I’ve been keeping up on Sasy Scarborough’s brainchild,  The Fashion Relay Challenge, trying to get an idea ahead of time of what item I’d be basing my look around… which was totally pointless! These girls mixed it up!

Whimsy did a great post and I looked at it totally stumped for a moment! She’s so cute! But which of her items would I chose? I decided the baton I would snatch from her would be the Balderdash – Charmed I’m Sure Faery Hoard necklace. I love this necklace and wore the matching Faery Hoard Love Letter earrings.


Being a sort of Windlight n00b, I went to my current favorite scenic place in SL for background pics. I’ve been in a summer groove lately and these DeLa Dolly sandals in maroon are some of what I love best. Going along with the feel, I threw some casual pieces on over my swimsuit… just in case I decided to go for a dip!

I paired the ultra comfy Abyss Cuffed Capris (with holes) and one of my favorite-shirts-I-can’t-stop-wearing, Shirt H3, from Cubic Effect. Peeking out under my shirt is my Pink Leopard bikini from Refuge


The skin is one of my new favorites from ACfinity Skins, Aloe 03 in the fair skin tone. The short do is me going out of my comfort zone of longish hair, but with the super-cute Quinn from the darling Autumn Hykova at Pixel Dust, I feel saucy and brave (edited prims in front). My blinkeriffic Spike lashes are from Aphrodite Creations and the lip rings are from Deekay Xavier and I believe her store is under construction?

Now, it’s time for me to pass the cherished baton to Lavea Altar, who will show you her spin on this relay on her blog  A-Bomb.


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