What’s in My Bag…



Photo-0046.jpeg by you.

Iris posted this challenge over at Shopping Cart Disco and I thought this was one that I conveniently had time for and would enjoy participating in 😀  Terribly exciting, I know! Also the picture sucks! so you will have to creatively imagine what I’m describing!

  1. My WAMU checkbook. I have used it once… so much for writing checks!
  2. The folded up typed list of what to wrap for who from Santa… I’m housesitting while my friend and her family went on a cruise over xmas. She was so organized as to type up a list of the gifts in the boxes that I was to wrap while they were gone and who they were for… so that the girls will see that Santa came while they were gone! Thought I’d lost it… whew!
  3. The work order for replacing the right front wheel bearing (baring?) on my volvo
  4. The yellow warning notice that I parked in a no parking place at work. Whoops! Had no clue, but won’t be parking there again! Promise!
  5. My makeup bag, equipped for anything… new day, touch up whatnot. Contents not shown here ::wink::
  6. Change. Pounds of it! This is actually a small amount compared to what I normally carry, much to the annoyance of family who tell me how bad it is for me to carry around that much in coins.
  7. It’s called a mannequin clip. Work stuff 😛
  8. OMG it’s a 10-dollar bill. You have no idea how much you feel like you won the lottery when you find that unexpected ten hiding away in a forgotten pocket in your purse!
  9. Carmex… tis the season
  10. More Carmex *mwah*
  11. Jabra bluetooth. Handsfree babeh, cuz that’s how I roll… sometimes. Phone not pictured cuz I used it to take photo
  12. Lighter with cool tattoo design that you can’t see cuz there’s a glare
  13. Uh can’t remember the brand but it’s mascara I haven’t used yet cuz I’m not out of my current stuff. But this stuff is totally suppose to add on extensions! No way totally! Add on and darken to extend your lashes! Hype? I’ll soon find out!
  14. Wallet. Kohls. Isn’t it cute?
  15. Recycled Alleve bottle with perhaps some Alleve left in it but also some advil
  16. Secret ingredient 😀
  17. Generic Ibuprofen bottle with GNC Women’s Mega Ultra Health vitamins in it. (I so need a lil green pillbox frog like Iris’s)
  18. Benedryl. Wow. Sounds like I carry a pharmacy, huh? So? Jewelry makes me break out sometimes. It itches. Benedryl helps 🙂
  19. Super duper bandaid. Skin irritation on my foot. Yea ok pharmacy
  20. Eyeliner I don’t use often. Black. Loreal?
  21. What the heck is that?! And who put those in my bag? :O
  22. Lonely Volvo key, retrieved from the mechanic and not put back on my keychain yet
  23. Coffee punch card
  24. Work keys
  25. House keys
  26. Underside of ugly purse that I’ve been using purely for functional purposes. Hate it.
  27. Foil wrapped pointsettia plant on the table… not from my purse.

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