*Ki2* Dress Me Up Dress Me Down

I felt it was lonnnng overdue that I put together some of the looks that Kiki Cunningham of Ki-Squared has helped me achieve. With an eye for details and her obvious insistence on quality, Kiki has released many eclectic designs to mix, match, and mingle in your wardrobe. The above picture is a collection of a couple of her newer tops combined with an argyle I think from spring. Left to right; Flim Flammer Top in seafoam + Little Wedgies shoes (also *Ki2*), Mrs. Deli Salami top in red, and finally – Dark Red Argyle sweater.

Kiki has a knack for hues and colors and keeps pumping out dresses and separates to match your mood or at least your best pair of slacks 😀 Pictured above are a few more tops: T. Tokazzle Wrapper, Black Sacred Heart Tee, and Midwest Boho Top in Wheatfield…. yes I know I know… a babydoll… normally not a fan, but look! How cute!

I cannot tell you how much I adore this sweater. It defies words! Lady of the Pins, shown above in Red and in Cream, are also available in black and in green. As shown it can be worn as a great layering piece to complete an outfit or alone with a sexy peek at boob siddage and a glimpse of tummy. The small pin details at the “catch” are great and the texture is highly realistic and rich. Heels shown here are also from *Ki2* – Basic Heels Color Change (shown in black).

Last but not least, the fun skirts paired with more *Ki2* tops, and also some bad examples of my PhotoShop skills 😀 I really worked at getting a couple of action shots in these skirts so you could see them twirl. I’m such a girl… I love floofy skirts. The Tie Skirt is absolutely adorable and made up of the color ties I think you’d only see on easter or in an ice cream parlor, but it suits me so I’m good! I paired it with Sally Jesse’s Big Date top in blue (variety of colors offered). The Candy Striper Skirt in black I paired with the *Ki2* V Raglan top in yellow. Here’s where you can truly see the effed up mastery of my PS skills. I attempted to show the detail in the bottom of this skirt… but alas could not completely eradicate the green background. So, no, that skirt is not NOT green at the bottom… but more of a transparent black overlay where you see green. Can you picture that? Yay! My job is done 😀

The necklaces shown in these photos can also be found at *Ki2* along with a plethora of other colorful and fun designs. Check out her store at Starlust to see for yourself! Thanks Kiki!


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