Mimikri and *Me*

Time for a little light fashion 😛 Or a lot of light fashion! One of my favorite shops on the grid, Mimikri has got the style and chic design I follow regularly. In fact, I was surprised at how much I actually have stuffed in my inventory when I went to take pics! So then, there I was with my not-so-mad ps skills and all this stuff I wanted to show. So bear with me… this is photo heavy!

The City Cat Jacket was my first foray into the magical yummy goodness that is Mimikri. Although teased for looking like I was wearing a space jacket (shup!), I loved the quilted texture and rich hues. The Zoe pants (combined with the Chloe tanks in matching colors) have proven to be a staple when it comes to sexy chic. Slowly, over time, I came to anticipate the new releases knowing that Mimikri Kit was adventurous and fun when it came to her designs and that there was a high probability that I’d love whatever she put out next!

As you can see, I haven’t progressed much in my PS skills 😛 But pay that no mind! Keep your eyes on the clothes, folks, nothing else to see here! I’m just grateful that I could actually combine these down to the 7 or 8 I have instead of doing them individually 😛

With varied and lush collections such as Joy, I found that I could rarely pick just one color and the fabulous Corsage tops that you can choose from come as part of the collection, and are beautiful and great to mix and match withFrequently, the new releases and collections are heavily peppered with the same core colors, which keeps adding options to how you can wear them best. Mimikri continually shows a flair for the dramatic and elegant fashion with her attention to detail and her inspired designs. So what if I don’t have a fancy schmancy high society event to go to?! In the fabulous Cortina Loop Wrap I can definitely look the part anyhow!

And the elegance continues with her latest release, Modesty. This dress also comes with a version to wear as tutu skirts and I have to admit they’re pretty cute. The problem is I took that hypocritical oath a while back and I still have a hard time admitting that I might actually like something that is remotely babydollish in style 😛

I figured it was high time I pay proper homage to the designs of Mimikri, and will continue to watch for more spectacular releases!


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