GearShift Academy: The Return of Donovan!

Couple of months ago (I think it was now) I was so happy to see my friend, Donovan, return to playing SL more often! And what a way to come back! He’s been making lots of new stuff and working non-stop on his new sim, GearShift Academy.

(photo by Damon Varriale)

Though not open yet, it looks fabulous and just by strolling through you can just tell how much work he’s put into it! This has been a long time goal for Donovan to get this Rival Skoolz themed sim opened and ready for business… something he had to put on hold many months ago when he took a break from so much game-playing. So, I’m extra happy for him that he has been able to devote the time and precision he wanted to in order to make his vision come to life!

(vampire birds circling overhead did not appear in picture :O )

This vast project has taken quite a bit of effort, energy, and time. A glutton for punishment, Don has worked to incorporate alllllll hand made textures. His goal to set his space apart from others with it’s unique and rich texturing and little secrets to find along the way throughout the sim.

(fabulous picture by Damon Varriale)

For now GearShift Academy is described as a Fun Place To Shop and Explore, and has tons of personality spreckled throughout. Including Don’s personalized rooms for his friends on the sim…

Leila’s room… I was too scared to enter 😛

Vasean’s room: I had to snoop!

Donovan has plans to maybe start a photo contest to give away a room or two to the winners at some point after opening so keep your eyes peeled for more info. For now, look forward to coming to explore and shop at this picturesque academy!


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