Nomine Skin Sale!

For the entire month of July Nomine’s older skins are on sale for L$100 each! That’s right!! L$100… for a whole skin! To me this is quite a steal considering that Nomine used to be my skin of choice everyday and I still love wearing them!! So I had to go check it out.

I decided (grudingly!) to take the pics in one of Hawk’s 50 First Date’s locations on the grid – The Big Easy – Because I’m a sucker for N’awlins theme and just love all things that have to do with the city/history/culture.

The skin is Nomine Female Fawn Glitter Black (L$100!!! right now!) The dress is the Nomine Relic Dress… though not sure it’s still available for sale I’ve had it since I was but a wee n00b. The setting is a small courtyard-bar place I found on the sim nestled between some buildings. Made me think of Pat O’brien’s and Hurricanes… kinda.

This skin is Nomine Light Rosy Tan Punk in latte swirls (though you can’t see the eye makeup detail in this pic) and that doesn’t really matter because you can’t get this skin anymore!! The dress is the OMFG dress and, again, had it forever… not sure it’s still available 😛 The hair is CS Bloodrayne… omg remember Bloodrayne? Everyone and their mother had to have it!! The picture is of me looking for the Bourbon Orleans hotel – corner of Bourbon and Orleans – that I can’t find 😦

Skin: Nomine Fawn Skittlez Glossy Pink (another of the L$100 skins!) The place? Ahhhh Cafe du Monde… beignets and coffee au lait.  I think I spelled that all ok 😛 Been there! Yes I have! Even have the souvenir mug to prove it!

Anyhow, visit Nomine and load up on your favorite L$100 skins before they’re gone!


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