Bijou Goodness

This post serves dual purposes I suppose. One being showing off the bags of stuff I picked up at Bijou and the other being me showing off my mastery of photoshop after the last post! lol@ mastery.

It was last week, or maybe the week before that I am suspecting that the Bijou blog got added to the World of Fashion feed. I suspect this because all in one day about 25 (I may exaggerate) of their new releases flooded the feed. Now, normally this could be annoying. Too much of one thing on the feed at any time is cause for boredom or sighs of exasperation. But in this particular case, the photos and the goodness within them intrigued my. I’d only ever been to Bijou once or twice before, so I decided I had to go check it out!

I went hog-wild! I hadn’t done that in a while in SL. Normally it’s just going to get the one thing at this place or the other that I didn’t have yet. It was fun to shop throughout the store and find some stuff I hadn’t seen!

From left to right: Meteo [Red] w/Stiletto Moody Mary Jane Sandals in koons berry, Joy [Khaki] w/*HUB* Venus Sandals in sleek noir, GLAVA [Sugar] w/Maitreya Dune boots in white, Lazymasculine [we need rock] w/Periquita Retro Round shoe in lt blue.

On All: Skin: Abyss- Jadzia Sol 2[D]; Hair: ETD- Petyon Strawberry Burnt; Jewelry: Random Calliope- Amandote! Black on Black

Snipper [yellow] w/Periquita shoes; Venus [Sea]; Riding [Khaki]

There were a couple things I picked up that I was not crazy about so didn’t photograph. Overall there is so much selection and the textures and sculpties are really well made. I’ll be keeping my eye on more to come!

On a side note, though my pictures are not perfect – I will learn to take pics against a white background!! – I’m excited to report that I figured out my current dilemma in PS. 😀



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